I’m back (I think)

Well after quite a large period of time I’m back and ready for more content (I’m sensing Déjà Vu).

As for an explanation on said down time I could make lots of excuses however I’ve simply been too busy to look after the website and as such the host (Who graciously provides free bandwidth) got rid of it. Well I’m back now with a renewed domain and a new plan to get things a bit brighter on here.

So whats the plan right?

Well, I’m glad you asked. For now there will be no schedule or set content but I’m planning on experimenting at the weekends with posts and articles (Blog style) about various things I’ve been getting up to and researching (Not that interesting but it might help one or two people out). This seems like the perfect opportunity since I have the opportunity to sink my teeth into new scenarios thanks to my job and homelab. The articles will cover these areas such as Windows (Server OS and standard OS), general news in the tech world (And my opinion on it), gadgets, tech and a bit of all sorts.

So if you’re interested watch this space (But don’t refresh too often as I’ll run out of bandwidth!)