I’m back once more…..

Hello again, I seem to keep vanishing and I can understand that it is getting irritating however it is all explainable. I am currently undergoing numerous big projects in my life at the moment meaning that I have little time to ensure the website is maintained with regular articles, updates, videos etc. However I am going to try and make the effort to ensure an article (I promise it will be relevant to the site) is posted at least once every two weeks.

I understand this is not much but unfortunately the time needed to create an (in my opinion) acceptable article/blog post, update or video is a luxury I just don’t have access to currently. Another issue is the costs incurred purchasing games to make videos of on the hardware as it is all funded by myself and I realise that the funding that could be spent on games may be better served on other more relevant purchases such as hardware/components.

I hope those of you that have looked and view the website (And Youtube/Facebook mediums) continue to do so despite the decrease in updates and this time I’ll try to stick around longer. (Also this does not count as this fortnights article)


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