I’m back (Again)

Once again I make my return to the website. I have wanted to post videos and articles for a while now but with the new system only being a recent addition it has taken time but after a two months of the system being up and running it’s about time I started posting again!

So the new system is named “Clear and Simple” and it was my project for over the summer. It is my first fortay into watercooling and hardline tubing but surprisingly that was not the reason it took so long to complete. Infact it was finding stock of the acrylic tubing which was the time consuming factor but it is done now and up and ready to be tested.

The specs are:

Intel Core i7 5820K

XFX R9 290x

16GB DDR4 Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM at 2666MHz

ASUS X99-S Motherboard

Windows 10 Professional


So I hope you will pardon my absence and continue to check out the new content posted on the site and Youtube channel 🙂

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