Project Deuterium: Chunk Update 2

So it is now time for another chunk update, despite so many posts there was still little development due to waiting for parts to arrive. Anyway, onward with the update

Update 8: 19/06/16

Yesterday I took part in a joint investment for a blade saw, so I thought it would be silly not to have a go and what better way to cut out my mid-plate

This require some assistance in configuring the blade saw and cutting out the panel but I’m rather impressed. In order to give it a finished look I’m going to sand blast the panel and round the edges to install some u-channel so there’s less risk of scratching the radiator when fitting the panel and to give a more refined look

Speaking of sand blasting I had a go with the shot blaster on a spare piece of acrylic to see how I could take the glossy edge of the panel. I think the long shot blast looks the best as opposed the shorter blast on the line below.

Also I assembled the case with the new USB panel, 240mm radiator mount and the blanking plate.

I also had installed the motherboard and D5 to help plan out the loop. Unfortunately the EK D5 pump top has a line of action of weight which acts outside it’s base and the pump decoupler it is fitted to keeps being detached as it overcomes the double sided sticky tape. Hopefully when the tube is fitted it should help fix the pump in position, I hope

Another bit of progress is that I finished the D5 pump sleeving (after the third time) and I’m rather impressed. The sleeving is tighter on the cable now so they are easier to train for when I do the cable management later.

After setting up the case I began to plan out the pipe runs which has led to another dilemma. Unfortunately my original plan to run the 360mm radiator connection down can’t happen as it would hit the 240 radiator which leaves using two 45° fittings to take it across the system or a combination of drilling into the case and 90° fittings.

So another big update for the time being, unfortunately now I have a long wait as my fans were supposed to be dispatched this weekend which didn’t happen and the GPU is not set to arrive until July 1st

Update 9: 22/0616

Another update, today I went to get the glass cut at my local store. Unfortunately I had to have 6mm holes drilled as opposed to 3mm so I’ll need to use some sort of padding to protect the glass. Luckily I’ll have a week to find something to do this

Onto the good stuff now though, I cut out some more acrylic for the mid panel to get flusher finish with the front and I bought some u-channel to give a a finished look. It’s not fitted yet as I just wanted to get the size right as I need to drill the holes and shotblast it first.

I have also ordered some soft tubing and acrylic for under neath the connections underneath the midplate and to get the sizes I need when I cut the glass tubing.

Update 10: 02/07/16

So after ordering some more parts I’m almost ready to start however I’ve had to have a “re-jig” of the system loop due to the case not being able to hold the radiator in my desired position.

Plan No. 3
Run the tubes in parallel like previously planned but have a straight run on each length before the 45 angle fittings.

Plan No. 4
Run the tubes in parallel like previously planned but have only vertical and horizontal runs with 90 fittings.

I would just buy all the fittings but what with prices my pocket cant cope

In other news, my glass tubing, Hue+, waterblock and glass panel for the side of the case (I’ll get photos next week)

Update 11: 05/07/16
So without possessing the fitting this is the best I can do for a comparison, luckily someone from another forum took a picture of the EK-HDC 12 fitting and option 1 and but they didn’t have the other fitting I’m looking at so I only have a generic photo for the (AC fitting) other option. I’m still not sure

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