Project Deuterium: Chunk Update 1

Due to the nature of my update posts on Project: Deuterium I have chosen to use the website to display bulk updates so I don’t flood it with numerous smaller updates. So here is a compilation of all the updates so far up to the current point in the build log.

Update 1: 25/05/16

So, an early update from today. I have been planning out the loop and I would like to run the CPU/GPU in parallel as this will certainly give a cleaner aesthetic for the system as I can use the pre-bent Mayhems glass and just cut to size. My only issue is that I’m not sure what effect this would have on temperature due to the difference in flow restriction between the blocks.

As for the wiring and cables I have been messing around looking for sellers but for now I am looking at the design like the one below. Feel free to recommend any improvements, sellers etc as this is new territory for me and if I’m paying for custom cables I may as well get the best quality/design

Design found here: (Link)

So that is all for now, I’m currently cutting out some templates for an acrylic panel to cover a section of the case to hide some of the tubing/pumps etc and seeing if anywhere in my local area sells custom cut acrylic panels 🙂

Update 2: 28/05/16

I’m back everyone and I bring news and updates, today my sleeving arrived with a cable connector kit. All in all it went okay, I messed up one (Used wrong measurement) but the other went great 🙂

So I need to order more sleeving and I’m in dual minds whether to do the PWM cable again (That’s why I haven’t heatshrinked the molex at the pump yet but honestly I’m glad I’m not sleeving all my cables (PSU etc) or my fingers would be non existent 😀

Update 3: 10/06/16

So I’m back for another update. I’ve still yet to start building this project as I’m waiting for parts to arrive.
This week my Caselabs parts arrived (Thanks to deFiniLogy)

I also ordered some matte acrylic to cut out a cover for the case to hide the pumps and drainage section of the loop.

Unfortunately this arrived (I hate glossy acrylic, so many scratches so easily :mad:)

So that’s it for now until I get the rest of my parts ordered. It looks like I’m going to need to sand(blast) the acrylic panel to get a reasonable matte look and I also need a new glass cutter. 🙂

To top it off my glass nipper arrived in this condition:

However I wasn’t going to let that stop me so I got to cutting the glass

Update 4: 13/06/16

I’m currently in the process of ordering fittings but I have come across a dilemma. I have limited funds for the build so I need to decide the design first and I have two final ideas.

The first one is using Mayhems pre-bent 90° tubing and 45° fittings on the CPU to pass through ports to form two triangles. Then for the GPU use two 90 fittings on the GPU and 45° fittings for the pass through ports and straight tube to form 45° runs to the GPU

The other option is just to use straight runs and 90° fittings for the CPU to pass through ports to form rectangles and the same for the GPUs. However this method would require a angled run from the CPU to the GPU and extenders as the tube is pre-bent but unfortunately only has 10/11cm after the 90° bend which is too short to reach the pass through ports.

As for the rest for the loop the runs will be lines straight down from the radiator/reservoir to the pass through ports in the panel I’m cutting 🙂

So, I’m stuck so I put it to you people. Which do you think would look the best? 😀

Update 5: 15/06/16

So a short update today, I have been playing around with the colour scheme and component colours and I’ve settled on the idea of black RAM. I’m not sure if I will choose the Corsair Vengeance DDR4 or Kingston Fury DDR4 or some other brand with EK blocks. However after messing with the colours I think the system may look good if I did the following wiring scheme with purple/blue purple coolant in the piping and reservoir as it should set up a nice pair 🙂

Also, I’m not sure on whether plexi blocks or Acetal blocks would look best in the system and I’m open to as much advice as I can take on this build as it’s all new territory. So that’s the progress point at the moment 🙂

Update 6: 17/06/16

So yesterday I got some more jobs done on the project, I have ordered the GPU which will be a KFA2 GTX 1080 “Clown Card” with the founders edition/reference PCB which will make it easier to locate a waterblock for it.

I also purchased the RAM for the system which will be 32GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400MHz DDR4 RAM and the fans were purchased with some gaskets for the radiators. The fans I will be using are the EK Vardar F1-120 fans with XSPC gaskets to help absorb/dissipate some of the vibrations to reduce the noise levels of the system

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