Microsoft Band comes to the UK for £169.99

The Microsoft Band has arrived in the UK today for the low price of £169.99.en-INTL-L-Kronos-4M5-00001-RM3-mnco

The smart band is Redmonds first attempt at a “smart watch” device with this one being orientated around living a healthier lifestyle. The band should be competing with Samsungs Galaxy Gear Fit and Sonys Smart Band.

The device can be purchased via the Microsoft Stores and through other retailers soon.

The band contains sensors such as a heart rate montior, GPS and a UV sensor. Like other Microsoft devices at the moment it is using the tile UI which allows it to be paired with any device running the Microsoft Health app. The device also comes with standard apps such as alarms, timer, a messaging app and other standardised smartphone/watch apps.

Despite being a Microsoft device it will work with Android, iOS and of course Windows Phone.

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