Microsoft wants the internet of things with Windows 10

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is being heavily anticipated due to its new low level graphics API and uniting the desktop and mobile platforms. However not satisfied with just desktop and mobile Microsoft are taking on the internet of things (IoT) with their new platform for device communication.


Microsoft’s new Windows 10 is planning to take on the internet of things by running on multiple devices such as ATMs, industry robotic machines and the more obscure medicinal devices such as ultra sound machines.


A noted example of this is the Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi. However this may not be the only device as they list that they want a variety of developer boards to be ready for Windows.

“Intel, and Qualcomm,we will provide a range of developer boards Makers and device builders can use to bring Windows 10 devices to life” – From their blog here

For businesses using the devices such as ultrasound machines listed above Microsoft also plans to use their “Azure” cloud platform for cross-device communication and enterprise level security.

This may remind you of the many devices Microsoft already controls with their old (and now unsupported) Windows XP. XP was noted for powering many ATMs and embedded systems, because of this Microsofts venture into the IoT with Windows 10 may successfully unite these devices under one roof. Albeit a Microsoft roof!



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