Windows 10 offers free Xbox Live multiplayer?

Microsoft Windows 10 will allow users to stream Xbox games from their console to their PC screen. However, despite online gaming on their consoles being a pay subscription on the PC it will be free.

Microsoft have announced that they are integrating their console, mobile and PC gaming services into the Xbox Live brand. This will put them into markets with giants such as Steam and Origin. In a bid to compete they are apparently “Not charging”. This goes against their current service which has been a pay-to-play online multiplayer service since the release of the original Xbox in 2001.

Despite this being strange many wont be surprised as it would make little sense to charge for a new, small service when their are developed free services readily available. Charging would result in a similar fate as “Games for Windows Live” experienced which could be seen as the Xbox Live for PC predecessor. As many will know this service was a large flop from the Vista to Windows 7 period as it offered little in the way of integration with consoles yet persisted to force the Windows live brand down our throats even if we didn’t want it. That bundled with the service being very temperamental with regular down time.

The Xbox Live service will arrive through a brand new app available on the Windows 10 operating system (PC and Phone) which currently has no release date.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this new development and if you’re interested about it.

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